The RIN-Ontario Service
Businesses require vehicles for a wide variety of reasons. For incorporated businesses, partnerships, and sole proprietorships, this presents a legal challenge since such entities operate separately from their owners. The corporation or business can possess a vehicle, but is not able to drive the vehicle and thus cannot be issued a driver's license.

In Ontario, this concern is resolved by way of the issuance of Registrant Identification Numbers to corporate and business owners of vehicles.

Notaries Public are appointed by the Government of Ontario to accomplish various legal, identification, and verification tasks that assist in the operation of governmental processes and commercial transactions.

RIN-Ontario is a comprehensive drafting and notarial service - provided by a law firm - for corporate and business entities intent on owning vehicles for business purposes in Ontario. Our services are delivered by the following experienced personnel:
  • Jide Afolabi - lead lawyer and notary public
  • Chigozie Elendu-Okoronkwo - lawyer and notary public
The service terms and conditions are as follows:

1. RIN-Ontario will produce a correctly-drafted RIN request letter which you can present to Service Ontario for the purposes of the issuance of your RIN.

2. Your Notary Public will notarize the aforementioned letter, and place the original in the mail, headed to your address as indicated on the letter, or a different address of your choosing. The PDF version will be emailed to you at the end of your video-call Notary Public appointment, and only serves as your back-up copy.

3. Standard Canada Post mail is utilized, such that your mail will typically arrive in about three business days. However, rapid, next-day delivery can be requested at the added cost of $50 in shipping and handling.

4. To save you time, and to support a successful visit to Service Ontario, your Notary Public will assist with troubleshooting concerns related to the acquisition of your RIN, such as the identification of proper pieces of evidence, resolving concerns related to multiple addresses, business structure issues, and so on.

5. As your RIN request letter is drafted right away, and as you are undertaking to be present for the Notary Public appointment, a partial or full refund cannot be issued for the RIN-Ontario service.

6. You agree to present government-issued photo identification to the Notary Public in order to facilitate the notarial service.

7. You agree that the legal services you will receive are limited to the selections you have made.

8. You agree to indemnify the service provider regarding any liability, expense or cost arising from or connected to any claim by any third party in relation to the provision of the services to you.